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Special Deal!!

Original Plan From $1,000


From $800

* First 2 clients only


Please choose your favourite from the followings.

Template Plan
Starts from AUD 500
Standard Plan
Starts from 1,000
Photos Customise Plan
Starts from AUD 2,000

We can make your website based on WIX template. Please choose whatever you like from WIX then substitute with your contents.

Production Period:2-4 weeks(on conditions of all contents including photos fully supplied)

Page:4 pages(e.g. 1 top page+3 sub pages)

This plan is totally your customizable with your original design. If you have some special requests,please choose this plan.   

Production Period:4-8weeks(on conditions of all contents including photos fully supplied)

Page:5 pages (e.g. 1 top page+ 4 sub pages)

Photos are very important for websites. If you would like to make high quality and attractive ones, you should choose this plan especially for the owners want to attract more customers. We can organise professional photo shooting for you and enhance photos with Photoshop as well.

Production Period:2-3 months(Photo shooting+Creating website)

Page:5 pages(e.g.1 top page+ 4 sub pages)

✔Easy to updates your website by yourself

✔Smartphone compatible

✔Service fee from $0

✔Own domain could be  arranged (premium plan required)



✔Setting for SEO


Additional pages(each page)


Express Plan:(for Template or Standard Plan only):Only 1 week for production (on conditions of all contents including photos fully supplied)


Creating Logo


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